January 18, 2022

Horizontal Freezer Racks

Horizontal Freezer Racks

We offer complete range of Aluminum or Stainless Steel freezer racks which are suitable for the most upright freezers. These racks can accommodate any standard 2” cardboard or plastic or Aluminum or Stainless Steel boxes.

Our freezer racks feature a uniquely designed handle which make it comfortable to retrieve. All our side access freezer racks have secure rod to prevent fall of boxes.

Our Freezer racks are user friendly to organize your samples be it Cryoboxes / Microplates.

For the ease of identification, We provide numbering on the racks.

We can also design the freezer racks as per customer’s requirements.

Ordering by Catalog no. :-

SSAD :- Stainless Steel Rack with Aluminum Drawer

Cat. No.MaterialNo. of ShelvesBoxes per shelfDepth (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Total Boxes
UE-SSAD4X4Stainless Steel4457514224016
UE-SSAD4X5Stainless Steel5457514230020
UE-SSAD5X4Stainless Steel4569014224020
UE-SSAD5X5Stainless Steel5569014230025